Family Planning

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Wellness Exams

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Gynecology Adolescent

We are able to address the special gynecologic needs of adolescents. We cover topics that are especially important to teens such as risks of sexual activity, abstinence, pregnancy prevention and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Your daughter’s first visit to the gynecologist should be a positive experience. All examinations conducted are age-appropriate and are provided by a sensitive and caring specialist. Educational resources are available to patients and their families. Our entire staff is available to answer any questions and concerns our patients and their families may have.

Therapy Infertility

While some couples have the good fortune of realizing their dream of conceiving a child, others are faced with the trials of infertility. Fortunately, in the majority of cases, infertility is treatable. We provide infertility examinations, along with male factor evaluations. Our practice may also provide fertility drug treatment. If our patients are in need of extensive testing and evaluations, we will provide them with a referral to a caring reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist.

Urodynamic Testings

This simple and painless study, is a series of tests that allows your physician to evaluate any problems your bladder may have with storing or emptying urine. The reasons the test may be offered to a patient are symptoms of urinary incontinence (urine leak), incomplete empting of bladder, frequent urination, intermittent or weak urine stream and persistent urinary tract infections.