Hormonal Replacement

We offer the “Power of Pellets”, for male and female patients. Pellet therapy uses natural “bio-identical” estrogen and testosterone hormones derived from plants. Bio-identical means that the hormones are exactly the same ones produced by the human body. This means they are NOT synthetic, simulations, or replicas. Each pellet is the size of a grain of rice and is placed beneath the skin, typically in the buttocks area of the body. The procedure takes less than five minutes and needs only to be repeated every four to six months. Using mild anesthetic, the pellets are placed beneath the skin. There may be some soreness at the spot of insertion for a few days. Some benefits of therapy for women have been feeling more in control of their bodies, increased libido, mental clarity and reduced menstrual migraines. Our male patients have also benefited from therapy with a restored sex drive, increased energy levels, mental clarity and focus and relief from hormone-related depression. After securing a set of blood tests for verifying your current levels of various hormones, the pellets are inserted and your new life begins.