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Women and teens alike benefit from a well-woman exam for preventive care and gynecologic services. Miles Howard, MD, George Davidson, MD, and the experienced team at Palm Valley Women’s Care provide well-woman exams at their two convenient locations in Phoenix and Avondale, Arizona. The exams include Pap tests and other important screening exams. Put your health first by calling your nearest office today for an appointment.

Well-Woman Exam Q & A

What should I expect from a well-woman exam?

Your well-woman exam is an annual check-up that focuses on preventive health, including your gynecologic wellness. A member of the team at Palm Valley Women’s Care starts by taking your vital signs. They review your medical history, and then you have a physical exam. 

You’re typically asked to undress from the waist down or to remove all of your clothes. You’re offered a gown to wear. Then, your provider performs the following tests and exams:

  • Pap test: Screens for early signs of cervical cancer
  • Breast exam: Detects unusual changes in your breasts and under your arms
  • Pelvic exam: Assesses the health of your reproductive organs

Your provider recommends a mammogram based on your age and health history. 

Can I ask about family planning during my well-woman exam?

The visit is an ideal time to ask questions about birth control methods. Your provider can discuss the advantages and side effects of various options, such as:

  • Birth control pills: Combination pills, which contain both estrogen and progestin, and progestin-only pills
  • NuvaRing®: A flexible, plastic vagina ring worn for three weeks at a time
  • Depo-Provera®: A progestin-only birth control shot given every three months
  • Implantables: A long-term reversible device placed under your skin 
  • IUD: Long-term reversible contraceptive devices that last 3-5 years

If you don’t want children, the team at Palm Valley Women’s Care also offers alternatives for permanent sterilization. 

When does an adolescent need a well-woman exam?

A teen's first visit typically occurs between the ages of 13 and 15. The visit includes a discussion of her menstrual cycle and adolescent preventive care. 

Pap smears generally start at age 21. However, many young girls need to be seen sooner for problems with their periods or to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

The team at Palm Valley Women’s Care makes sure your daughter’s first visit to the gynecologist is a positive experience. All exams are age-appropriate and are provided by a sensitive, caring specialist. 

If it's time for a well-woman exam, call today to schedule a consultation with the knowledgeable providers at Palm Valley Women’s Care.